FH-EF Standard Duty Flail Mower

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FH-EF Standard Duty Flail MOWER

SKU: FH-EF85, FH-EF95, FH-EF105,
FH-EF125, FH-EF135, FH-EF155, FH-EF175

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2 year warranty with optional 4 years

powered by pto power

Powered By:

Tractor PTO
14- 45 HP

working width

Working Width

33″ – 68″

Comes with Y-Blades

mulch blades

Optional Mulch Blade

tall grass

Suitable for:

Tall / Medium Grass

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How good is our EF Mower?

Key Features:

  • Comes with Reversible “Y” Blades with precise blade overlap
  • Standard 3-Pt Category I Hitch Mount
  • Shear Bolt PTO Shaft for Standard 1-3/8” 6-Spline PTO
  • PTO Driveline Included Free of Charge
  • Height Adjustment from 1/4 – 6 inches
  • Balanced Rotor and Shaft
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish
  • 2 Offset Positions

Description About the MOWER:

The EF Series (Light Duty)Flail Mower is an option if you are looking for a better-finished cut than with the brush mower. The EF Series is a Weed and Grass Field Mower. Provides a smooth and better finish than a brush mower but not quite the finish of a rotary mower. This model is great for small acreage of 10 or less.

Flail Mowers are useful for jobs where you are cutting grass on the uneven ground, high grass, weeds, brush, and small saplings. A flail mower doesn’t throw grass, instead, it cuts finely and leaves the cuttings on the ground where it was cut making it an excellent choice for those places where you could cause damage by throwing debris. Highway mowing and park maintenance often use flail mowers because they are less likely to throw objects during cutting.


Overall Width: The EF series has an overall width of 37″ to 72″ depending on the size of the unit.

Cutting Width: The EF series has a tilling width of 33″ to 68″ depending on the size of the unit.

Weight: The EF series has a weight of 285 lbs to 626 lbs depending on the size of the unit.

HP Requirements at PTO: The EF series requires 14 – 45 PTO horsepower depending on the size of the unit.

Cutting Height: The EF series has a 0″ – 6″ Adjustable to meet various height requirements

Housing Material Thickness: The EF series has a housing of 3mm thick.

Blade Type: The EF series uses standard reversible Y-blades. The Y-blades weighs 5.6 oz.

Number of Blades: The EF series uses 30 – 60 Y-blades, depending on the size of the unit.

Precision Blade Overlap: On the EF series the blades are staggered precisely with no gap in the mowing area. Blade overlap is important to achieve an even cutting result.

Rotor Rotation – Reverse: The rotor spins in the opposite direction as the wheels of the tractor when traveling forward. This allows the blades to shear the material as it is folded forward by the mowers. The material is then thrown up and over the rotor.

Rotor Tube Diameter: 3″- Heavy-duty steel tubing for long life.

Balanced Rotor Tube: The rotor tube is balanced to reduce vibration and ensures that the mower runs smooth, and reduces wear on the bearings.

Hitch Type: Category 1 standard 3-point.

Offset From Center Mount: This feature allows for an offset from the center to the right of the tractor. This feature is helpful for mowing around fences, buildings; walkways, etc. From the center of the PTO, the mower extends 14 1/2″ to 44 3/4″ depending on the size of the unit.

Drive Belts: The EF series uses 2 – 4 belts, depending on the size of the unit.

Gearbox Rating: Up to 45 hp. Heavy-duty proved oil bath gearbox for long life.

Driveline / PTO Shaft: Shear Bolt PTO Shaft for Standard 1-3/8” 6-Spline PTO

Finish: Baked-on powder coat, powder coat is superior to paint.

Warranty: 2-year parts warranty with an optional 2-year extension.

Support Before and After the Sale: At Betstco our service department is staffed with professional technicians that inspect each machine before it is shipped. This ensures that you get a trouble-free machine from the get-go. When you need technical help or parts, our courteous staff can help you get what you need from our fully stocked warehouse. We keep a full line of replacement parts, and we can ship parts within 24 hours.


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FH-EF Standard Duty Flail Mower
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 1 reviews
by Thomas on FH-EF Standard Duty Flail Mower

Bought a EF series 37” flail mower and couldn’t be happier this little mower is a beast was able to clear our field with ease small trees tall grass no problem for my John Deere 650. Thank you to betstco for the fast shipping and customer service I would recommend and I will be purchasing more products from you.